From time to time, human as we are, we get into misunderstandings with each other, even with our own family. It is important that we acknowledge our shortcomings so that we learn to understand them and learn from them.

This story is an inspiring one. This is the story of a son in an argument with his father and how he was taught a lesson he will never forget.

I’m the oldest of the three kids. I’m older than my little brother by 2.5 years and my little sister by 9.

When I was about fourteen or so, arguing with my dad in private about something I don’t remember, he being the second-oldest of eight kids, told me:

“Any decision you make in this household, you make three times. Once when you make it, once when your brother makes the same decision after watching you do it, and once when your sister makes the same decision after watching you and your brother do it. How you treat your brother will tell him how he can treat his sister; and how you treat your sister tells her how she will expect to be treated for the rest of her life, even as far as her future boyfriends.”

This just goes to show that our actions, no matter how little, may have a rippling effect to the people around us. It is important that we always take responsibility of what we do, especially so if we serve as role models to a certain person or a group of people, because even when we are not actively trying to influence those around us, we will somehow impact the decisions of the people that look up to us.

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