Children Ministry Job Description

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (Under the supervision of the Membership Ministry)

Plan, formulate to implement and execute the Pastor’s Theme, Purpose, Vision and Goal as far as children ministry is concern.
Recruit, train and motivate volunteers for leadership in children’s ministries program.
Review, select and evaluate curriculum materials and educational tools for children’s ministries program making sure that they are integrated into the overall program of the church.
Establish and maintain a Sunday school program which includes teaching, music and recreation for the children of the church.
Develop, implement and coordinate programs for neighborhood children, such as:
Vacation Bible school
Bible clubs
Develop and coordinate short-term parenting classes.
Maintain an accurate inventory of equipment and supplies, purchasing supplies as needed.
Develop and maintain a children’s library.
Manage and supervise the use of facilities.
Plan an appropriate budget
Support work of committees, officers and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.
Attend regular staff meetings.
I have read and understood the requirements for this position and I can perform the essential responsibilities for this position.

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