Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Church Members and Visitors Cared Director will oversee the church settings, arrangement and atmosphere to ensure that every person entering the church is greeted and that visitors are welcome and is able to find his or her desired destination easily. This include the capturing the visitor’s information to be entered in Church Management Software. Oversee the food/kitchen service, collection of offerings, holding of communion service, funerals, weddings, child dedications and water baptism

Welcome Center Guide:

The welcome center guide will display a gracious, friendly attitude in showing guests the church facilities and answering questions regarding the facilities and ministry locations. This person will portray the church in a positive image and will help guests feel welcome
Recruit and coordinate schedule of ushers and greeters to assist with welcoming and directing others on a regular basis as well as for special events. Maintain a list of greeters’ phone numbers and addresses.
Oversee the welcome center operation.
Make sure the welcome center is stocked with information about the church’s ministries, tracts, a map of the church, etc.

Watch for and welcome guests.
Assist guests and members and latecomers with seating as needed.
Distribute literature as called upon, such as visitor packets, bulletins, sermon outlines, tracts, etc.
Ensure that all guests/visitors contacts and detailed information are secured and enter in the church management software.
Receive tithes and offerings and leave them with the appropriate person.
Offer directions when needed.
Open doors and assist elderly and disabled individuals as needed.
Follow all rules and regulations as stated in the JRM Handbook Ushering
Food and Kitchen Service

Assist with food preparation and service for fellowship meals, special luncheons or dinners and any church-related meal held on the grounds.
Purchase any food/drinks/supplies to be furnished by the church.
Recruit assistants to help cook, grill, serve and to clean up tables and dishes after meals.
Organize potlucks by assigning certain types of foods—meats, casseroles, salads, desserts, etc.—to different groups within the congregation, such as by classes, names beginning with certain letters of the alphabet, or by asking that each family bring a main dish and dessert or salad.
Oversee budget and expenditures for the food service ministry.
Offering and Communion

Please refer to JRM Vallejo Usher’s Manual

Fellowship/Special Events

Responsible for planning and coordinating church wide fellowship activities. This person will recruit volunteers or contact appropriate ministry directors or committee members for assistance as needed
Plan, organize and oversee church wide fellowship events. Events could include Family Camp, picnics, potlucks, outdoor, Easter egg hunt and any other family events.

Minister to the church members bereaved by visiting in the home and by visiting the family at the funeral home.
Pick up/Order and deliver a cheerful flower arrangement to the home or where the funeral is to use as a centerpiece.
Make arrangement for the funeral service, program and to confirm availability of Pastor for prayer and word of encouragement
Send a thinking-of-you card to the family two weeks after the funeral.
Call to touch base with the family three weeks after the funeral.
Pray for the family daily for the first month, then as often as they come to mind
Weddings, Child Dedication and Water Baptism

The date of the wedding should be set as soon as possible. Non-member weddings cannot be scheduled earlier than six months before the date desired, in order to permit Active members to include the sons or daughters of active members of JRM Vallejo to have preference of dates. No dates should be announced until dates are confirmed on the church calendar by the church Properties Ministry Team.
Child dedication can be schedule and certification will be issued as soon as the child is dedicated.
Verify that candidates for Water Baptisms are genuine born a again Christians and has undergone all the required classes for being a member of JRM Vallejo church. Water Baptism can be schedules outdoor on case to case basis of defending on the number of people who are made the decision to be water baptize.
Benevolence Minister

Work with task group to consider benevolent requests and verify needs.
Collect and receive donations of money, nonperishable food items, clothing and other needs for distribution in the benevolence ministry.
Present request to Senior Pastor and leadership for funds from budget when needed.

Contact those who need benevolence ministry services and arrange to deliver provisions, or schedule a time for them to stop by the church to receive assistance.

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