Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Develop church members to be personal witnesses of their faith in Jesus
Coordinate for Prayer and visitation for hospitalized members and their families.
Coordinate with other church workers and leaders to who to visit and follow up among the church members.
Organize and plan the neighborhood fellowship program. Program should include regular neighborhood activities, devotional/prayer times, etc., with the goals of
Ministering to church members
Building relationships with unchurched neighbors and influencing them for Christ
Working with Evangelism Director and Executive Pastor organized, coordinate, designate leaders/head/personal responsible for all Small groups, home group, light houses and home bible studies
In coordination with Evangelism Director and Other Ministry Heads visit people who have visited church services and requested a visit. Be prepared to:
Pray with them
Answer questions regarding the church’s ministries; take a brochure, if available
Give spiritual guidance; refer more serious issues to pastor or appropriate, qualified counselor.
Lead them to Christ
Encourage them to get involved with the new members’ class, small groups, etc.
Pray before every visit

After visits, pray for those who need to make decisions or who made decisions during your visit.

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