3 John 1:5
Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the friends, even though they are strangers to you; they have testified to your love before the church.

Entertaining strangers is not a new concept in the bible. Throughout scripture, we see examples of the people of God being encouraged to be good to strangers, welcoming them and being hospitable to them.

Service is the core concept of Coffee and Prayer. For a few hours on a chosen date, teams of volunteers from Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo set up a booth where coffee is brewed and prayers are offered  to those who want to be prayed for.

In the morning of July 29, 2017, the Men’s Ministry spearheaded the Coffee and Prayer. Along with the other volunteers from the church, a booth was set up at Seafood City Parking Lot in Vallejo. Seeing brothers and sisters work together is a beautiful sight! It warms the heart and ignites the heart for service to God and the community.
Besides entertaining strangers, the members of the
church who participate get the chance to bond, to
encourage, and to strengthen one another in Christ.

If you are within the Vallejo Area, watch out for our booth set up within Seafood City Parking Lot. If you are from Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo Family, be a part of this opportunity to serve the community through Coffee and Prayer!

We are still in need of volunteers for setting up the booth, in preparing coffee, and people who will be praying for those asking for coffee. Don’t hesitate to approach Bro. Gilbert at gilbert.quintela@gmail.com, call (707) 653-6351 or sign up as a volunteer here. 

If you feel even just a slight tug in your heart for this work, volunteer today. Your help is very much welcome and appreciated. See you!

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