At a certain point, kids who were raised in the church starts to renege when they reach young adulthood. This is unfortunately an occurrence that many youth group leaders had been facing.

If you are a youth leader, and you want to have a strong and solid involvement from the youth, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

The youth must have a genuine, personal relationship with Christ not just with the youth leader and members.
When leading a youth ministry, it is important that you help each member to have a strong relationship with the Lord, not just with you and the concept of being in the group.

Often, we see a youth group falls apart when a well-liked leader leaves. This is probably because the members are more attached to the leader than they are to Christ. When the youth leader leaves, they leave too.

Always encourage the support of friends.
Young adults are vulnerable to peer pressure. Some join a group because their friends are there and they don’t want to feel left out. While some view this as negative, this can actually be used to help them grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Nothing makes a young person more involved in church activities than having friends who are also committed to the Lord and to His church.

Always be a good role model.
Young minds are very impressionable. They are at a vulnerable stage in their life when they are still figuring themselves out, hence they look for role models. And most likely, they will look at people they are closely related with — their family, relatives, and brothers / sister in the church.

When young adults see that the people around them are genuine disciples of Christ, they will pattern their behaviour to them. So, it is important that adult church member always show a good example to the younger ones.

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